P. Sook

I am a Full Time painter

I have a diploma as a Visual Merchandiser/Display Artist with an apprenticeship of 4 years in Switzerland, Zurich.

I believe that my creative flair and painting skills have been in my veins, certainly hidden or integrated in me. It took a Corona Virus Lock-down, to realise, there is no excuse to runaway from myself, waiting, hoping, wishing one day, I will get  the time and"inspiration" to start painting. All my work have been produced, created, painted during this 3 months of lock-down and I must say, I thought I was going a bit insane, as there was no way for me to stop and I had the urge to take it all the way, out and down on paper! I hope my inspiration will carry on as long as possible. Thank you for my friends and family, for being there and supportive! I will continue as long my inspiration carries me to do what I do best.


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